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I know what you are thinking: how in the fuck are you so narcissistic that you created your own web domain based on your name?

To that I say: we have been living in a narcissistic hellscape for ages. Get with the program.

Jokes aside, I do see the issues that people have with websites solely for the purpose of promoting themselves. They do have an air of “look what I did” or “look what I’m doing” that can grate on people’s nerves. But the issue that I am dealing with today is that having a website is needed for the intentions and purposes that I have in line for the future. Not just that, but with the movement of Social Media going towards more uncertain paths, maybe we should all go back to the old Geocities models of shitty, personal websites that blare MIDIs the moment you open up the page?

I like the idea of us all setting up little digital homes where we can jump in and out of one another’s personal space, but the main issue with “online” now is that it isn’t just online. What gets posted online gets talked about in reality, and vice versa. There isn’t a barrier there anymore. We all wallow in the online pigpen twenty-four hours a day. That’s why writers need digital storefronts and markers because we also have to exist in this weird new frontier that is our attention spans. 

It has been working out for us lately too. I think COVID slowed enough of the world down that we began to appreciate the people who fill those empty spaces in our lives: the ones that get filled with literature. Those voids are too important to fill with stuff from YouTube or TikTok. Remember that.

As for this space, who knows what it will eventually be molded into? That’s for us to decide, and since I have been doing my best to live in “the now”, I can’t possibly say what this will eventually form. The only thing I can do is thank you for participating in the takeoff.


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  1. Brandon

    Absolutely LOVE this intro! Do you boo-boo DO YOU!

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