I have remained stuck in my head.

It started as a coping mechanism when I was young,

When things got to be too much. Too much yelling,

And too much bloodshed. That was what caused the escapes.

Now, I’m an adult, and I am still stuck.

Stuck with a depressive mind,

Stuck on the idea that simulants will make things better,

Stuck on doing things by myself,

Stuck on thinking someone will come and save me,

Stuck on knowing the solutions but not caring enough,

Stuck with thinking about my past, over and over,

Stuck with abandonment issues mixed with substance abuse


And just recently,

I have found myself stuck once again.

Stuck with the gumption and passion to make things better,

But also, stuck with the baggage of carrying so many things

I have been stuck with them for so long.

One day I hope to be free.

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