The Voice

I spent the last few weeks in a haze.

I stopped caring about progress and routine.

All I wanted was to feel the pain that had built up

And I bathed in it for days on end.

I wanted to feel sorry for myself. I wanted

For the voice inside my head to be right

Because that voice in my head has been my one constant

Companion. How does it not understand me completely?

It says:

You know… Everyone keeps on leaving, and they will keep on doing it.

The reason they go is because they see you. The REAL you. 

They ALL always end up seeing how fucked up you are.

Some days, I fight back, and argue with it.

Other times, I show examples, tidbits, of why it’s wrong.

But there are some weeks where I just allow it to win. I just

Sit there, with myself, in silence; I listen to it all.

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